There is nothing to lose, only money to recover.

Why is there a fee?

Revenue Recovery is a privately owned company. We spend a lot of time and money to locate and contact the owners and reunite them with their lost funds.

How did you locate me?

Revenue Recovery uses a number of proprietary databases along with publicly available records to help find owners or their heirs.

What is the claim process?

Once we receive your signed agreement, we will provide you with the necessary claim forms and instruction. The instructions are very simple to follow.

  • Complete the forms and return it to us immediately.
  • We will look it over, make sure everything is done correctly before submitting it to the government.
  • Once the government processes the claim, they will send a check directly to you.

How do I pay you?

In most cases, our fee is deducted from your check. The government will send a check directly to you and a separate check to us.

Will this affect my benefits?

No. This is not considered income and will not affect any benefits you may be receiving.